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Where to Buy Koi Fish

If you're new to the hobby of koi fish keeping, you might be wondering where to buy your first fish. Koi are known for their incredibly colorful and life-like bodies. If you don't know what to look for, consider visiting a store dedicated to koi. A few tips will ensure you end up with a beautiful tank and healthy fish. Koi are an excellent choice for your aquarium and will liven up your space.
Koi prices can be very different from breeder to breeder. Expect to pay more than usual when buying koi, but be sure there are no hidden costs. Generally, the bigger the fish, the higher the price. Generally, a smaller koi will grow much faster, but you might want to keep that in mind when buying. A good book will explain how to identify different body types, as well as what to look for when buying koi.
When buying koi from a dealer, you should look for a service that offers a worry-free 14-day guarantee. Next-Day Koi also offers transparency on the source of their fish. This will help you research hatcheries and bio-security measures. In addition to providing a safe and dependable koi, Next Day Koi is an online koi store that stocks many species of koi, as well as many other products related to koi fish.
Once you have decided on the size of your pond and the type of koi you want, you can begin the process of buying your new fish. If you're lucky enough to live in Maine, it's not impossible to raise and maintain a beautiful, healthy koi pond. A good-quality  koi fish dealer will provide you with high-quality koi at a reasonable price.
Before purchasing your koi, make sure to inspect the scales and the fins. If you notice raised scales or holes in the skin, it means that the fish is sick or infected. Similarly, white blooming parts of the gills, cloudy eyes, and broken fins are indicators that the fish is suffering from an illness or infection. If you are unsure about the quality of the fish, contact a veterinarian immediately.
Once you've chosen your koi, it's time to monitor them for a few weeks to determine whether they're healthy. Ensure the fish are quarantined for at least three weeks to minimize the risk of disease and infection. Also, look for koi that are active and alert, and swim upright. Koi with a weakened condition will sit at the bottom of their aquarium or even swim off balance.
You can also choose between color point and fantail varieties. A color point Koi is more expensive than a fantail Koi. When buying koi, you should always pay attention to gender as well as the scale formation. This is because a color point Koi is more valuable than a fantail-type Koi. If you're looking for cheap koi, keep in mind that the more expensive fish may look sick.Check out this post that has expounded on the topic: .
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